Have your say, Ealing Council launches public consultation on ‘Safe Zone’ on Mattock Lane

On Monday 29th January, Ealing Council launched the online public consultation on their suggestion of a ‘safe zone’ and ‘designated area’ for prayer on Mattock Lane. If you have been affected in any way by the two decade-long vigil held outside Marie Stopes, please do fill this in and pass on to any other interested parties. Please note that you will need 20-30 minutes maximum to fill out the survey.

You can find the consultation here:


Whilst we welcome Ealing’s progressive decision, we have concerns about the suggested ‘designated area’ and wording within the consultation. We believe that the offering of ‘alternative services’ needs to be listed as forbidden activities, and feel to have a designated space to pray and intimidate people within a ‘safe zone’ is confusing to say the least.


The above map shows the suggested zones on Mattock Lane. The designated area on the corner of Culmington Road would mean anti-choice protestors could see who is entering and leaving the clinic and accost them further down the road, away from the safe proximity of the clinic. It would also cause great congestion on the pavement, especially for those with wheelchairs and buggies trying to access the health centre. It would also mean that residents in that area would still be subject to great disruption, almost defeating the point of a safe zone. We believe Mattock Lane in it’s entirety should be covered in the safe zone to restore peace, dignity and respect to the area.

6 thoughts on “Have your say, Ealing Council launches public consultation on ‘Safe Zone’ on Mattock Lane”

  1. It is unacceptable that people are being harassed and intimidated on Mattock lane. I am in total agreement that the lane should be made a safe zone. I use a mobility scooter to get to the clinic and it is important I can get there without any problems


  2. I walk pass there everyday to go to the park and I get harassed by the men one with ginger beard. I’m not even pregnant and he shoves a leaflet under my nose. He so rude and another tall women who also shoves a form underlying nose and all I’m doing is walking pass. I feel I can’t walk that way anymore and have to go the back way to get into the park which takes me longer. I’m fed up of theses people stand thee all day harassing women.


  3. This is a disgusting graphic hypocritical hysterical and disturbing harassment of people going about their legal business. It angers me every time I have to pass by this area – which is at least twice a week


  4. Well done for all you have and are achieving to address this issue which has been allowed to continue unchecked for far too long. I have completed the Ealing Council consultation document and condemned the idea of a designated area for protesters.


  5. I do not wish there to be an area in which people are free to continue the very behaviour that has been considered both distressing and threatening. This is a parliamentary demoncracy and so any changes should be wrought through normal political processs, not by personal affront.


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