Our Code of Conduct

Attending a Sister Supporter Demo:

What are we trying to achieve at our demos?

We aim to collect signatures, raise awareness, offer protection, gather evidence, provide a visible opposition and engage with the community.


  • Table monitor
  • Information. Hand out our literature from the table, and ask for signatures where appropriate
  • Escort (further down the street, either side of the clinic)
  • Line (backs to clinic)
  • Log keeper. One person each demo needs to record all interactions between pro-life members and patients and pro-lifers and Sister Supporter members
  • Police communicator. Send logs to the Police after demos


  • Do not engage in any negative conversation or behaviour towards the anti-life group. Do not belittle their religion or beliefs, keep the focus on being PRO โ€“ choice and not ANTI them
  • Do not interact with any patients of the clinic unless directly approached.
  • Avoid facing the clinic, especially the two entrance/exit gates
  • Make it clear to Sister Supporterโ€™s that anyone can be involved at whatever level they are comfortable with
  • When approached by Police Officers, be polite and co-operative but do not disclose any information. Try and refer the Officers to either Eve, Anna or Carole
  • Keep noise to a minimum so as not to disrupt patients in the clinic. (No music, shouting etc.)